When it comes to promoting our 7th annual Worksite Wellness Summit, everyone's support is extremely valuable. Here are some ways you can help us:

    Share our event on social media: Your social networks are powerful tools for raising awareness of our event. You can share information about the Summit on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram using our official hashtag #WorksiteWellnessSummit2022.

   Spread the word about the event to your friends and colleagues: If you know someone who might be interested in attending the Summit, share the registration link with them. Every additional person who joins our eventincreases its reach and impact.

    Register and participate: your presence at our Summit is the greatest support we can expect. Your experience, ideas and enthusiasm are invaluable to us and all participants.

    Express your support publicly: You can write a post on your blog, website or social media platform about why you think the Summit is important. Your words can encourage others to participate.

Thankyou for all you do to help us promote the Workplace Prosperity Summit. It all helps us advance and strengthen our mission to improve health andwell-being in the workplace.


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